We import high tech industrial hoses like Polyurethane (PU) hoses, Silicon hoses, TPR / Santoprene hoses, Glass fabric high temperature hoses, PVC Steel wire hoses (Thunder Hose), Polyester fabric hose (PVC Coated), Aluminium foil hose, PP Air hose, Vacuum cleaner hose (EVA). Also deals in Dutron Kanaflex PVC flexible duct hoses, Suction and Delivery hoses, Layflat hoses, PVC Food grade transparent suction hoses (with / without antistatic copper wire), PVC Oil hose, Duplon PVC Braided hose, Super spray hose, Power spray hose, Rock drilling hose, Water hose and all types of Rubber hoses.

Polyurethane Hose Extra Heavy Duty

Our hi-tech hoses find its uses in every industry and a broad spectrum of usage is given below.

Polyurethane (PU) hoses with copper coated spring steel wire reinforcement (Temp 90/100°C).

Auxiliary machineries like auto loaders (Vacuum hopper loaders), Mixers, Dozers, Pulverizers, Feeders, Material conveying, Dryers, Blow moulding, Packaging machinery, Food & Pharmaceuticals, Ceramic kiln outlet hose, Printing machine outlet hose, Blowers, Dust collector hoses for Wood Working machinery, Extraction of Chemical fumes and gases, Sand conveying in foundries, Surface coating, Spinning mill, Ginning mill, Weaving and hosiery, Pollution control machineries, Footwear and Rubber industry.

PVC Steel wire hose Fd.gr (Thunder Hose) (Temp. 60/70°C).

Plastic Vacuum Pump hose, Granule and Resin conveying, Food and Pharma use, Liquid filling machines, Wood dust collector units, Oil drains, Drinking water plants.

Silicon hose (double layer) with spring steel wire reinforcement (Temp.310°C).

Ceramic kiln inlet hose, Hopper dryers, Printing machine inlet hose, Heaters / Blowers hot air inlet / outlet, Wood industry, Textile industry.

TPR/ Santoprene hoses (Temp. 135°C).

Printing machine inlet hose, Screw compressor inlet, Blowers, Hot air inlet / outlet, Paper mills, Wood industry, Open End spinning mills,

Glass fabric high temp. hoses / Clip hoses (Silicon free) (Temp. up to 1100°C).

Exhaust of fumes and flue gases in Steel Mill furnaces, Ceramic kiln inlet hose, Chemical & Petrochemical waste gas / fume exhaust, Hot air inlet / outlet, Exhaust of Welding fumes with sparks.

Polyurethane super heavy duty (Temp.90/100°C) (Wall Thick 4.5 / 5 mm).

Conveyance of glass filled and PET raw material in plastic processing and liquid transfer.

Super heavy silicon suction hose (FDA) (Temp.200°C) (Wall Thick. 1.2mm).

Conveyance of PET and glass filled Plastic granules at elevated temperature and also for liquid transfer.

PVC coated polyester fabric hose (Temp.90/100°C).

Conveyance of light air, Welding fumes, Air conditioning and Ventilation, Printing and Lamination and also Textile machinery.

PP Air hose (Temp.60/70°C).

A hose which can take any shape without support. Conveyance of Air, Dust and Fumes in any industry.

Aluminium foil hose / Kitchen chimney hose (Temp. 100°C).

Exhaust air ventilation, Electrical component / PCB manufacture, Clean Rooms and electrical plants. Kitchen chimney hose is used with kitchen waste gases / fumes.

PU (Polyurethane) Hose with plastic reinforcement (Temp.80°C).

Compact spinning suction in spinning mills, Food and Pharma powder conveyance, Wood industry, Textile mills, Plastic granule conveyance.

Vacuum Cleaner hose (EVA /PE).

Industrial vacuum cleaner (dry / wet) and Swimming pool suction.