Technical specification

Hose wall made of ether grade (microbes and hydrolysis resistant) abrasion resistant polyurethane (wall thickness between the spirals 1mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm) with copper coated spring steel wire reinforcement. A heavy duty flexible hose with shore A -85. Hose with 1.2mm wall thickness is almost smooth interior. However, hoses with 1.5/2/2.5mm wall thickness are all of perfectly smooth inside, with high tensile and abrasion strengths and ultimate elongation. Free of softeners, halogen free, physiological safe, cadmium free and produced in line with FDA regulations. Although the above three varieties are used for material handling for extremely abrasive goods, please select only 2.5mm thick hose for elevated temperature use up to 100°C.

Also available in flame retardant (FR) and antistatic (ANT) varieties.

Polyurethane Hose Extra Heavy Duty
polyurethane hose extra heavy duty


-40°C to +90°C ( Short Term. 125°C)


Any plastic, polymer, rubber, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry for material handling – for auto loader (vacuum hopper loaders) for any of the auxiliary machines like mixers, dozers, pulverizers, feeders, dryers. However for PET/Glass filled material handling where the processing (drying) temperature is very high (Temp. 120 to 180°C) you may use Super heavy duty PU hose or Rigid lined silicon hoses.