Polyurethane (PU) Duct Hose – Heavy Duty


Technical specification

Hose wall made of ether grade (microbes and hydrolysis resistant) abrasion resistant polyurethane (wall thickness between the spirals 0.6mm) with copper coated spring steel wire reinforcement. A medium heavy duty flexible hose with shore A~ 85, with almost smooth interior and high tensile and abrasion strengths and ultimate elongation. Free of softeners, halogen free, physiological safe, cadmium free and produced in line with FDA regulations. This hose is non compressed variety and hence will have almost smooth interior and can be effectively used for all applications under PU light duty and also for light material handling and suction hose for abrasive particles, resin and powder.

Pu Hose Heavy Duty
PU Hose Heavy Duty


-40°C to +90°C (short term 125°C)


This Heavy Duty quality suits well with all applications of various spinning mill machineries and wood working machineries for better service life but at a higher price levels. For OHTC and humidification plants light duty hose will not work. Similarly for dust collectors which handles particle board waste and sharp wood shavings, Light duty hose does not work well as the inside hose surface is not smooth or having sufficient wall thickness to withstand such abrasion. Hence heavy duty is the only alternative for the above applications and also for light material handling in plastic, rubber, food and pharmaceutical industries, warm air conveyance, Exhaust of smoke and chemical fumes and other air pollution control machineries in cement, metal crushing, rubber, food and pharmaceutical industries, and also for surface coating. For Flexographic / Rotogravure / Offset printing machines, ceramic and packaging industries.

Also available in flame retardant and antistatic varieties.