Polyurethane (PU) Duct Hose – Light Duty


Technical specification

Hose wall made of ether grade (microbes and hydrolysis resistant) abrasion resistant Polyurethane (wall thickness between the spiral 0.4mm) with copper coated spring steel wire reinforcement. A very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile strength and ultimate elongation. shore A ~85. Free of softeners, halogen and cadmium free and produced in line with FDA regulations. Hoses up to 90mm ID comes in roll form, whereas hoses from 100mm ID and above comes in compressed form for the sake of cost effective transportation. As the same is compressed after production, the hose will not retain the original measurement afterwards. Hence you may measure the same after fully elongating under pressure or go on counting rings as 1 Meter =41/42 rings for measurement purpose or use. The advantage of hose in compressed form is that the same can be ideally used between moving parts like CNC router etc as the hose behaves like a spring during onward and backward movements.

The above compressed variety can be produced with wall thickness 0.6mm and 0.9mm also (between the spirals), in case any of the applications demand such heavy hoses, but shall be supplied against specific orders only.

Also available in flame retardant and antistatic varieties.

PU Duct Hose Light Duty
PU hose light duty


-40°C to +90°C (Short term 125°C)


Ideal hoses for spinning mills – for Carding, Draw frames, Comber, Blow rooms, Ginning, Spinning, Compact spinning, Waste collection, Speed frame, Ring frame, Filter, Bale plucker, O.H.T.C., Dust collection system, Humidification Plants – Wood Working Industry – as dust collector hoses for Edge banders, CNC Routers and Engravers, Planers, Sanders, Panel saws – Warm air conveyance – fine dust and light particle removal – Exhaust of smoke and chemical fumes – as Bellow hose – other air pollution control machineries in Cement, Metal crushing, Rubber, Food & Pharmaceutical industry. For Flexographic – Rotogravure – Offset – Printing machines, Packaging and Plastic Processing industry. Ceramic industries.