PVC Rock Drill Hose / Power Spray Hose


DUPLON’s unique technology provides Spray Hose, Car Washing Power Hose and Rock Drill Hose, the first and only product range made in India of this kind. It is constructed with full weaving of synthetic yarn in between two thermoplastic layers. It is very light weight and economical compared to double braided plastic/rubber hoses.

For heavy duty pneumatic rock drilling applications in quarries, marble/granite mines, drilling in hard surfaces like road, concrete etc.

Pvc Rock Drill Hose
Pvc Rock Drill Hose Supplier

Power Spray Hose

Size in
Bursting Pressure
At 30°C Kg/Cm²
Standard Length
8.5 14.5 150 45/50/60/100/200
8.5 14.5 225 45/50/60/100/200
10 16 150 45/50/60/100/200
12 19 120 45/50/60/100/200
20 28.2 120 40/100/200