PVC Suction & Delivery Hose Green


Technical specification

Hose made of spiral reinforcement of Rigid PVC into fine grade soft PVC. A very challenging variety of suction hoses which can live for many seasons without losing its flexibility, keeping superior ozone, chemical and impact resistance. Quality PVC compounding with apt plasticizes, chemicals and additives with modern processing techniques have made the hose superior to other commercial brands available in the market at half of our cost. When a good quality PVC hose can work for many years, why to use cheaper versions which has to be replaced every season. It is merely a waste of your valuable money in every season. PVC material is non degradable and a permanent liability and danger for our earth. Let us save our earth by not using toxic and “use and throw type” PVC pipes and hoses. Let us use the best PVC products which can last for many years, thereby reducing our yearly consumption of plastics, to avoid used PVC waste being dumped on mother earth.

Pvc Suction Delivery Green


+ 60/70°C


Ideal hose for agriculture, saline (sea) water, light acids, alkalis and other chemicals except solvents. A widely accepted hose by the industrial segments for handling all sorts of fluids in Textile, Chemical, Pharma, Food, Paper mill, Sugar mill and other engineering and construction industries. Non Toxic ( Food Grade) Available on request for handling milk, beverages, Pharma and food material.